Brampton Golf Club


Brampton Golf Club


Founded in 1921, Brampton Golf Club was set along the rolling valley and floodplains of the Etobicoke Creek. The grounds were purchased for $8,000, and when the Club was formally organized a fee of $1.00 constituted the annual assessment. The original site, an intimate 9-hole course located south of Steeles Avenue and East of Highway 10, was charted by legendary architect Stanley Thompson.

As the game’s popularity increased in the region, so too did those numbering Brampton’s membership. It became apparent that the Club needed to expand in order to accommodate the growing demand in the community. So, in 1963, construction began on a new 18-hole course on an adjacent property immediately south of the original lands.

Stanley Thompson had passed away just a few years before, so another architect of distinction, Clinton “Robbie” Robinson, was commissioned to design the championship course. “Robbie”, as he was known, had apprenticed with Thompson for over a decade and was his closest disciple. He maintained many of Thompson’s design principles in his vision for Brampton, and also incorporated Robert Trent Jones’ “modern” design influences, aimed at developing courses which would be “tough but fair.” Robinson became a conduit between classic and modern design, later mentoring Doug Carrick and Thomas McBroom as they rose to prominence as visionary architects.

When construction began on a new clubhouse in 1963, club officials ensured that the design properly suited the needs and moods of the members. Formal dining and entertaining facilities were made available in the main dining room area, with a relaxed, informal atmosphere presented in the lower lounge and bar area. These compliments have been preserved in the modern-day clubhouse.  

Long recognized for the great test of golf the course offers, Brampton has hosted several major amateur and professional competitions on its grounds, including: the 1969 Men’s Ontario Amateur Championship, 1978, ’79, ’80, ’81 and 1983 CPGA Senior Championships, 1985 CPGA Championship, 1989 Canadian Tour Players Championship, 2011 Ontario Men’s Amateur Championship, and 2014 Ontario Women’s Amateur Championship.